Aras band (Iran) released his forth album recently by the name of “Depressive Rebellion”. Undoubtedly, this album is pithy and made stronger than before with different structure. At last album of Aras we can find a person who is rebel and who wants to change and shakeup. He is standing in front of a lot of pains and he doesn’t know why! He perches in an endless way. The way drives him into solitude, into absurdity; and he stays in an inept and inconclusive struggle. The more he goes in that way the more he finds that he is drowning in darkness; so he quit the struggle. In the corner of his mind, he buries all of his past. He thinks about his philosophy, thinks about his fought with him and then he gets the DEPRESSIVE REBELLION. Aras played growing in cage, played the treason and finally played unsociability in the shape of Depressive Rebellion. This album is intelligence and the structure of new album of Aras towards previous albums such as “The Epic of Grief “, “The Slaughterer of Freedom” and … completely explanatory the authority of this album. Aras used the instruments like Tambour, Daf and also used Drums, Guitar, Bass, French horn and Choral appending a special beauty to this album. Depressive Rebellion is a fantastic work that recorded by Aras and we can call this album is the best album of Iranian’s Black Metal.

Here is the lyric of “Depressive Rebellion” track:

I sheltered in torn heart of nature
I buried my soul
and impaled my heart
and stabbed the sword through my heart
for I am beaten victorious
I failed in a battle with the vain god

I remember the day I never died
and it`s my so bitter pain

I blame the shut eyes
I blame the troubleless heart
I blame the scabbarded sword
I blame the vain Gods
I blame myself
I blame my existence