Aras is the first Black Metal band formed in Shiraz, Iran by Lord Aras. He has released six full-length albums, three demos, and four singles.

Misty-Graveyard, as the first Iranian Black Metal label, has proudly released and published Aras music and artworks since 2007.

Dead Soul In The Cage
Label: Self-released
01. Sarzamin E Soogvar
02. Ghomry
03. Setiz Ba Noor
04. Sarve Shekaste
05. Dead Soul In The Cage
Whispers Of Insanity [Split]
Label: Self-released
01. Dawn Of The Darkness (Intro)
02. Once Emperor [Burzum cover]
03. A Torn Fate
04. Transilvanian Hunger [Darkthrone cover]
05. True Silent Dying [Shab cover]
06. Throatless Sob (Outro)
07. Dawn Of The Dark Rain [bonus]

Holy Black Metal
Label: Self-released
01. Once Emperor [Burzum cover]
02. Freezing Moon [Mayhem cover]
03. Manchmal Wenn Sie Schläft [Nargaroth cover]
04. Beyond The North Waves [Immortal cover]
05. En As I Dype Skogen [Darkthrone cover]

Arpa [EP]
Label: Self-released
01. Lunatic’s Eleg
02. Sadden Wedding
03. Arpa

Depressive Rebellion
Label: Misty-Graveyard
01. Perplexity In Isthmus
02. Eulogizing The Apogee Of Grief
03. The Last Drop Of Holy Blood
04. Arise In The Cage
05. Wish To Be In Death Embrace
06. Depressive Rebellion
07. Invite To Gethsemane
08. Eulogizing The Depth Of Decadence

The New Beginning Of Insanity
Label: Self-released
01. The Broken Branches Of Sentiment [duet. Emerna]
Possessed By Nargaroth [EP]
Label: Misty-Graveyard
01. Herbstleyd
02. Wenn Regen Liebt
03. Manchmal Wenn Sie Schloft
04. Det Lys Aldri I Livet Orke

Aras – Deep-pression [Split]
Label: Misty-Graveyard
01. Dead Soul In The CageDeep-pression:
02. I Walk The Life In Depression

Hemaseye Andooh [EP]
Label: Ragnarok Records
01. Sholehaye Sard
02. Rakhte Khak
03. Nefrine Rood
04. Raghse Baad

Gharive Dard [EP]
Label: Misty-Graveyard
01. Gharive Dard
02. Khorooshe Sabz
03. Maghame Jelo Shahi

The Passion of Aras
Label: Self-released
01. The Passion of Aras